Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chelsea win Charity Shield 09

Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2
- Carvalho 52 Nani 10
- Lampard 71 Rooney 90

Nani scores first goal

Carvalho celebrate the equaliser

Lampard scores with his trademark shooting

Rooney keep MU still live on last minute

Full time..
A penalty been decided and the winner is :-

Lampard X Gigs 0
Ballack X Carrick X
Drogba X Evra 0
Kalou X

Chelsea win penalty : 4 - 1


Watch before youtube remove it.

Good game for this top 2 teams.. I think MU not miss Ronaldo and Tevez..


oktant said...

There was an interesting game between them last night. Congrats to Chelsea. :)