Thursday, November 19, 2015

Can Jamie vardy broke Van Nistelrooy record ?

Jamie Vardy, a name that become popular this season. The man who just play for Fleetwood Town 4 years ago become Premier League current leading scorer.

Vardy didn’t break into the first team of his first club—Stocksbridge Park Steels, playing in England’s semi-pro eighth tier—until he was 20. He kicked around lower divisions for a good while, often as a prolific striker whom clubs in the professional Football League would sniff around but never actually bite on. It wasn’t until after he helped Fleetwood make it into the professional ranks by winning the fifth division’s league title that Vardy finally got his shot in the big leagues at age 25. After years and years of commitment, of stomping and sliding around mud-pocked pitches deep in the semi-pro dungeons of the English league system, of supplementing his income with a full-time job as a carbon-fiber technician, of believing despite his position that he had what it took to really make it on the sport’s highest levels, he finally got his shot in the Championship, the level right under the Premier League, with Leicester.

Jamie Vardy need to score a goal at the next match versus Newcastle as he attempts to equal Manchester United legend, Ruud van Nistelrooy’s Premier League scoring record.
Vardy, with 12 Premier League goals, has been a major reason for Leicester’s rise to third place in the table and wants to score for a 10th game in a row but Newcastle defender Daryl Janmaat plans to stop the 28-year-old equalling the record of his compatriot Van Nisterlrooy.

Can Vardy equal Nistelrooy record?