Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eden Hazard kick ball boy

Chelsea player, Eden Hazard do the wrong thing. The game of Chelsea vs Swansea for English League Cup semifinal at Swansea become a headline. Not because the result but the action Hazard doing to the ball boy. After the ball in outside, the ball boy caught the ball. Instead of waiting to get the ball, Eden Hazard want the ball quickly. When the ball boy tried to get the ball, he fell over, stomach toward the ground and the ball under him. The Belgian winger tried to pull the ball free with both hands and then kicked at it under the boy. After got the ball, he picked it up and jogged back onto the field. And there's a straight red card shown by the referee, Chris Foy. The match finished 0-0 and Swansea advanced 2-0 on aggregate. Look at the video :- That's inexcusable. Maybe the boy want to help his club too but there's no way you can kick people...