Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fabrice Muamba retired from football

Fabrice Muamba retired from the game on Wednesday on medical advice following his on-field cardiac arrest in an FA Cup tie at Tottenham on March 17.He announce his 'devastation' at being forced to retire from football at 24 - but insisted he had been 'so lucky' to play at the top level in the first place.
Remarkably he made a stunning recovery and left hospital a month later. Muamba travelled to Belgium for a minor heart operation last week, and sought medical advice from a top cardiologist. It was then when he was told that a return to professional football would put too much strain on his heart. Muamba told Bolton's official website: 'Since suffering my heart attack and being discharged from hospital, I have remained utterly positive in the belief I could one day resume my playing career and play for Bolton Wanderers once again. 'As part of my on-going recovery, last week I travelled to Belgium to seek further medical advice from a leading cardiologist. 'But the news I received was obviously not what I had hoped it would be and it means I am now announcing my retirement from professional football. 'Football has been my life since I was a teenage boy and it has given me so many opportunities. 'Above all else, I love the game and count myself very lucky to have been able to play at the highest level. Source :- Dailymaikl