Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Striker That need to score again

A long time not update this blog. I want to change some of my style to share my opinion on Barclays Premier League. Not just posting picture on this blog but also writing some valuable idea.
Today, I just want to give my opinion about ' a striket that need to score again' in BPL. I'll write it based on the table (for top 10 club only)
1. Man City - It ain't easy to choose striker that need to score goals in this squad. They have a powerful strikeforce that are world class striker. So I just choose Carlos Tevez. Yes, he look like that he won't feature in this squad but after the transfer failed to AC Milan why don't give a chance to play. Maybe untill this season and he need to score. It will increase his value for City.

2. Man Utd - There's 3 choice in my mind. Berbatov , Owen and Macheda. But I choose Berbatov because Owen is nowhere can play game while Macheda will go loan. Berbatov has tremendously score at some of last game but Ferguson still not have faith for this Bulgarian even for playing subs. He need to score goal because that his strength and if this can't be done at Utd, he need to get another club.

3. Tottenham - Maybe some of you choose Roman Pavlyuchenko but I think Giovanni Dos Santos really need the goal. While Pavlyuchenko likely will be transfer to Russian club next season, the Mexican still don't get any news. He is still young, but he must score to prove he is worthy at the White Hart Lane.

4. Chelsea - None than Fernando Torress. After become the predatory striker at Liverpool on his 2 season, the striker has been down. He can't score even Drogba injured and Anelka transfer to China. The competition is not too competitive but now Daniel Struddige has become better than him. And some of Chelsea midfield has score more than Torres.. So, he need goal to enhance his confidence. Maybe Lampard can give him a penalty role.
5. Arsenal - Not Thierry Henry. He just come and play 1 game. Yeah, I think most of us know, the Morocca, Maurone Chamakh. He hasn't settled yet at BPL after give some good impression at begginning last season. Maybe the game has changed. Chamakh speciality is heading and Arsenal not a team that good in crossing. And Chamakh has lost confidence and need to score goal after back from African Cup. Otherwise he need to show out.
6. Liverpool- There's a 2 choice, Carrol or Kuyt. But I think Carrol is a striker that need to score. The Reds have big problem to score and depend on Luis Suarez. The bad thing happen when Suarez has been banned. The responsibility to Andrew Carrol can't help Liverpool to get goal. He need to score now or maybe he will back to Newcastle.
7. Newcastle - There's also 2 choice whether Peter Lovenkrands or Shola Ameobi. I choose Peter Lovenkrands because he was help Newcastle last season and score many goal. Arrival of Demba Ba has limited his chance and in this January he must prove he can score goal while Demba Ba out to African Cup.
8. Stoke - The name of Kenwyne Jones has become popular at last 2 season when he play at Sunderland. But he become disappear in Stoke jersey. It make worst after arrival of Peter Crouch. He need to score more goal to get his confidence.
9. Norwich - Honestly i'm not familiar with the club but I choose James Vaughan. He is young but the statistic for his goal is low. He has an experienced playing for Everton and need to show his ability.
10. Everton - I give to James McFadden. He need to reastablished his past form to ensure he is worthy.

That's some of the opinion. It is just on my thought. Maybe right and maybe not..