Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walcott vs Messi - WHo's better?

Honestly I think Messi is much better than Walcot. Let's compare it..

1. Dribbling - Absolutely Messi is far best than Walcott
2. Run - This is for Walcott. He can chase the ball that far away. Good for counterattack.
3. Heading - This two player is short and not very good at heading but I think Messi is better. I've seen he score with his head.
4. Crossing - I've seen Messi do some crossing but Walcott also not good in crossing. No one better..
5. Defending - None of them good at defend.
6. Skill - Messi is better.
7. Scoring instinct - Absolutely Messi..

So I don't know why Messi said Walcott is his rivals.. Walcott only better in pace that not very far advantage. Do you agree?

Messi and Walcott wallpaper


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