Thursday, January 20, 2011

Darren Bent in Aston Villa shirt

I think most of us heard the news about the tough striker, Darren Bent that join Aston Villa from Sunderland. The club record signing will have the chance to make debut against Manchester City, this week. Bent was signing from Sunderland for 24 million pounds ($38.2 million) .

Bent insisted he can handle the expectations. “When I first went to Spurs, and it happened there,” he said. “I was so nervous.

“It did play a massive part in my mind and it probably got me down at times. But I'm older and more wise now.

“I've played a few more seasons in the Premier League and it just comes with the territory now.”

It is good transfer for Bent coz Villa is much bigger club than Sunderland and he's opportunity is still good. Villa don't have good striker. In my opinion, Agbonlahor is not sharp as striker while Carew and Heskey is not good like their prime time.